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Decision Architecture Associates specializes in the application of advanced quantitative methods to business decision problems.  Our team of professional "analytics" is able to push beyond what conventional IT professionals call Business Intelligence, to imbed proven predictive analytical decision rules, what we call alien intelligence, into your internal or customer-facing operational IT platforms.

As first coined by James Martin (2000), the term alien intelligence has been used to describe how "sophisticated software algorithms are developing radically different solutions to specific areas of operational decision making."  Distinct from the more commonly referred to artificial intelligence, which seeks to replicate human intelligence, alien intelligence is being applied to discrete, sometimes narrow, high frequency decision problems - where these "data driven" decision rules outperform human judgement to make make more consistent, faster and better business decisions.   

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Our goal is to get you "running" not just planning, not just implementing. Our work is grounded in the experience obtained in working on substantive business issues across a variety of industries to produce tangible, bottom line outcomes. Our objective is to use the context of your business to develop approaches and "optimal decision behaviors" that are congruent with your strategies for success in today's market driven climate.

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